Loree Rodkin Ad Campaign Fall 2011
Original music by Damion Anderson
Starring Alice Greczyn- Ali Hmg
Co-starring Ben Elliot
Hair- Marcia Hamilton
Makeup- Autumn Moultrie

Just took Donna Karan’s portrait at the @wienetwork’s #wiesymporium  #wie2011
With the @wienetwork at the #wiesymposium #wie2011 Inspiration Day Breakfast.
Just photographed @NancyPelosi portrait at the WIE Symposium 2011.

Here’s the behind the scenes video created by Loren Denis from the shoot I just did in Paris at Door Studios- www.doorstudios.com -with the beautiful New Madison models- www.newmadison.fr -.

New Madison models featured in latest blog post!
Full Circle

Everyone has to start somewhere and for me as a photographer it was shooting the most beautiful men in Paris. As they say, practice makes perfect and I was able to practice my craft while shooting models from Madison Models.  

From vintage clothing to drawn on moustaches, I taught myself the art of creating compelling imagery whilst trying to tell a story.  This has led me to shoot some of the most interesting people over the past 8 years- musicians, actors, creators and more. And so I found myself going back to create that which I once loved and have not had the chance to do in many years: shooting test images for the renamed and fabulous New Madison Model Agency in Paris www.newmadison.fr . Fred Benfaid, who owns the agency, along with Arnaud Vanbleus (both retired models), asked me to come and create new images for some of their up-and-coming as well as established faces to add to their books and create new comp cards.  

With camera in hand, my trustee makeup/hair artist Melissa Peachy and a bag of accessories including bunny ears and devil horns, I went to Paris and spent two days with 10 models at “Door Studios”, an independent 720 square meters of private space in the center of Paris- www.doorstudios.com, contact:+33144788780. Door Studios has hosted many celebrated photographers where they have created imagery for the likes of Vogue, Numero, Alexander Wang, Dior, L’oriel and Sonia Rykiel.

The results are something I’m very proud of and have given me a new sense of creativity.  Not to mention the desire to move back to Paris!  Needless to say, we all have to start somewhere and in going back to whence I first started reminded me of how far I’ve come.

Let me indulge you…

Nicholas Hodji:



Jerome Adamoli:


Alban Rassier:


This is the story so far. More to come!



Glasses for day, Glasses for night….

Patty Paillette is a new and extremely colorful addition to my life. The creator of the line, Patrizia, has an Italian accent that makes you want to eat Gelato paired with a delicious dessert wine! Her intention is to add a little bit of color to your life by the way of her beautifully hand crafted glasses. The kind of glasses that can make or break the frame of ones face. Hers, definitely do more than make you look fabulous as they create a whole world for one to live in! Gorgeous specs fashioned on those worn in the 1950’s with colors that will have any girl reaching for their pink lipstick so as to put a finishing touch to their outfit. Patty Paillette sells in high end stores around the world and I am actually looking forward to getting a chance to wear the pair I bought today. You see I am short sighted (just a tad) and when my day draws to a close and I find myself retouching my photographs, my eyes grow weary. Now I shall be retouching in style and I may just reach for a pink lipstick to pull it all together… Now there’s a visual.

Check out soon online  WWW.PATTYPAILLETTE.COM or check her out on FACEBOOK: Patrizia Shelabarger to see her collection of glasses for day, glasses for night!


Palihouse in West Hollywood